Welcome to the website of the Wittenau for Orthopedic & Surgery Center.

Dear Patient,

The Wittenau Orthopedic Center offers a range of services in its modern facilities that include traditional, conservative orthopedics and surgical orthopedics, as well as holistic, alternative care concepts and even modern, innovative techniques and technologies. On our staff we have specialized physicians for orthopedic care, chiropractic care, ultrasound and x-ray examinations, as well as physicians specializing in accident surgery through the Medical Association.

  • Dr. med. Christian Herbert (sports medicine, chiropractic care)
  • Dr. med. Guido Wohlgemuth (arthroscopic surgery, joint replacement [endoprosthesis], [in-patient/out-patient])
  • Olaf Kunhardt (acupuncture, chiropractic care, out-patient surgery)
  • Matthias Winkler (minimally invasive spinal treatments, spine surgery, in-patient/out-patient surgery)
  • Dr. Dirk Freudiger (special hernia surgery and general surgery, minimally invasive abdominal and venous surgery)
  • C. Hentschel (general surgery, hand surgery [especially compression symptoms] arthroscopic hand surgeries, microscopic surgical operations)
  • Dr. Mewis (manual therapy)
  • Dr. Altenburger (specialist for surgery)

We would like to present ourselves at this point: Our approach, our range of available treatments, innovative techniques in orthopedic care, our team, and our cooperating partners. Here you will find more information on the surgical techniques we employ as well as new, holistic approaches in orthopedic care. Under “Our Practice”, you will find a summary of all relevant organizational information. For example, you will find our office hours and how to arrive at our practice. You can also take a virtual tour of our practice.

We have attempted to summarize the breadth of available information and arrange it by topic. We hope you find what you are looking for relatively quickly. Use the navigation options to assist you. Are you looking for specific information? Then refer to our site map or use our search engine.

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